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Born and raised in Townsville, I have been communicating with the spirit world and reuniting people with their loved ones for the past several years. It was not always this way.  I thought it was normal to sense what people were feeling and know what was going to happen.  It wasn’t until one of life’s ‘wake-up-calls’ and a near death experience, that my awareness of the spirit world increased and I have continued to work with them ever since. I don’t claim to ‘know it all’, I’m just a very good ‘listener’ and spirit, are always ready to talk! Often times, these messages provide both comfort and relief to my clients and are all done with a list of evidential facts. It is my goal to facilitate communication with spirit, and to deliver messages to help assist you in your life.

Connecting You with the Spirit World

Mediumship Reading

This is an opportunity to make contact with the spirit of a deceased person or loved one, providing detailed messages to the recipient.  In many cases, these readings can be very healing and provide comfort to those who need it most.

Sometimes, it’s even the spirit of the person that’s crossed over that needs to say something that was possibly left unresolved before their departure.

Psychic & Intuitive Reading

Working with Spirit Guides and connecting with the recipients aura, I can tap into a diverse range of topics providing guidance, insight and direction where necessary.  Some of these items may include (but not limited to) Relationships, Health concerns, Work related issues, etc. 

This is a great session to bring clarity to any issue that you are uncertain about in your life.

Gift Voucher

If ever stuck for an idea on what to get someone for their birthday or Christmas, a Gift Voucher for a Psychic or Medium Reading can be a unique gift for someone needing insight or just wanting to connect with their loved ones.

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What is a Mediumship Reading?
What is a Psychic Reading?

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