Marco Della Valle International Psychic Medium

Welcome to My World - Marco Della Valle International Psychic Medium

Born and raised in Townsville, I have been communicating with the spirit world and reuniting people with their loved ones for the past several years.

It was not always this way.  I thought it was normal to sense what people were feeling and know what was going to happen.  It wasn’t until one of life’s ‘wake-up-calls’ and a near death experience, that my awareness of the spirit world increased and I have continued to work with them ever since.

I don’t claim to ‘know it all’, I’m just a very good ‘listener’ and spirit, are always ready to talk!
Often times, these messages provide both comfort and relief to my clients and are all done with a list of evidential facts. It is my goal to facilitate communication with spirit, and to deliver messages to help assist you in your life.