Suicide Blonde

We have all heard and have somehow been affected by  suicides within young men.  However, often times we do not realise that there is also a high rate of suicide within young females as well.   

Even with my Mediumship work, I have noticed the increase in women coming through within the past 12 months.  One of these readings that stood out me recently was a session I had where a young woman came through by the name of Molly.

Three years prior, Molly’s brother Adam had been travelling abroad when he received word of the tragic loss of his much younger sister.  Adam booked the reading in the hope to make contact with his loved one, and on this occasion, Molly did not dissapoint.

As we met, Adam handed me a photo of a young woman with thick blonde hair.  HIs first and only question was “why”?  Why did she do it and what lead her to that point making that fateful decision.  Whilst this is arguably the most commonly  asked question of a person after a loved one takes their own life, I have found that over the years, nearly every person has a different reason for doing so.

I explained to Adam that whilst it would be easy to get a very straight or direct answer from her, such as, she wasn’t happy, I was going to ask her to tell me about a bit about her life and the events that lead her there.  Adam agreed and I began to further ‘tune’ into his sister’s energy.  

“Okay Adam”, I explained, “Molly is showing me four ages she wants to talk about”.  “We are going to start with the age of 7.  She is showing me that there was an accidental death in the family with an older female, leaving your father in a bad head space”.  Adam nodded his head and advised that their mother died in a car accident when Molly was 7.  He further explained that their father mourned for his wife deeply and suffered in his own depression (not commonly diagnosed during that period) until remarrying a woman by the name of Cheryl, 5 years later.  

I started to laugh when I heard Molly abruptly say to me “She’s a cow”.  Hmmm…how do I deliver this without being rude I thought.  I guess the way she told me.  “Adam, Molly is telling me that Cheryl was a cow” I relayed.  Adam laughed and advised  that in his opinion, not only was she a cow, but she was “a @#$% cow”…we sat in laughter.   

Molly then began to show me that as a young adolescent, Cheryl, now the mother figure in her life used to mentally abuse her and send her, along with her siblings away to their grandparents place every weekend so she could have time without them.  Adam validated this and said that the general idea was to get them out of the house as much as possible so “she didn’t have to deal with us”.  

Molly then moved me forward to when she was around 19.  She showed me that depression started to kick-in for her and that she was prescribed anti-depressant medication that she resisted to take.  Adam again confirmed that when Molly was 19, she was diagnosed with depression and that after being prescribed meditation from her doctor, it was always a ‘fight’ to get her to keep taking them.  

I went on to advise that Molly also showed me that over the years, the depression, along with the inconsistency in medication played havoc with their mental capacity, at times making her feel ill, anxious and foggy headed.  “She hated it”, Adam said.  “Her medication did not always agree with her”.  

“She is now showing around her mid 20’s, there must have been an abusive relationship with a man who was violent with her” I said.  Adam advised that Molly did have a boyfriend during that period and that the family did not like him as they were aware of his control and  physical abuse towards her.   

“Molly is advising that she did not properly recover from this and that for the next few years she was in and out of psychiatric facilities.  Adam concurred that this was true.  

“At the end of the day, whilst she does not allow me to feel as though what she has done is right or wrong, she does show me that these events were all contributing factors in her journey.  Combined with how she was feeling from the depression and medication, everything got too hard and triggered her decision to end her life” I explained.

Adam nodded his head and said that whilst he understands it, it was still a hard to accept that his sister was no longer with him.  On another note, she wants me to tell you something else”.  “She wants to say that she see’s and loves being around your son”.  Adam smiled and said that 6 months ago, his girlfriend delivered a healthy, baby boy and that very recently, he was wondering what she would think of his only child.

“And one last thing mate”, I interjected, “Molly wants you to know that beside her is a baby girl that she lost many years earlier”.   Whilst unable to confirm the sex of the child, Adam advised that Molly did fall pregnant and miscarry an unborn child during her volatile relationship.

Whilst death is never easy and suicide can be one of the hardest actions for us to accept, Adam advised that somehow, he felt a little more at ease that Molly was still around him, seeing his son, and with her unborn child in the spirit world. 

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