The Path: A Collection of Inspirational and Spiritual Journeys Book



There are no rules when it comes to spirituality, no restrictions on what constitutes an authentic spiritual experience – people can find spiritual meaning in anything from a car accident to hearing the voices of angels. Someone might be a spiritual person in their ordinary life, practising the power of reiki or theta healing; they might be called to be spiritual through their work, helping others to find peace and closure; or their spirituality might be guided by the faith of an organised religion. A spiritual path might emerge with the sparkling clarity of the sun reflecting off still water, or it might be far more subtle, gently guiding someone towards the journey they need to take. Every journey, by its very nature, is highly individual – and all the more precious as a result.

Spirituality means many different things to many different people. The Path traces the spiritual journeys of nearly two dozen men and women around the world, revealing in their own words their experience, how they found their way, and what their spiritual journey has meant to them.

What does your spirituality mean to you?


  • Andrea Broadfoot
  • April Weygand
  • Charlene Fouts
  • Danina Scrivenor
  • Jon Naseath
  • Juliette Mullen
  • Katy-K
  • Kati Britton
  • Kenneth Nathan
  • Kylie Madge
  • Marco Della Valle
  • Michael Fox
  • Michelle Popp
  • Pam Hird
  • Philamae Gray
  • Rebecca Lang
  • Shawna Barber
  • Steve McGrath
  • Taryn Clare Le Nu
  • Tricia Sharkey


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