Our Children in Spirit

Quite often I have people ask me whether our children who pass away young, grow up in the spirit world.  Over the years there has certainly been suggestions that this happens, but none more so than when I read for a woman by the name of Anne recently.

Anne was in her late 50’s and came to me for a Psychic reading.  She had no pressing questions, she just wanted to see what came through for her.  The reading started and after a very short period of time, we started talking about her children.  I knew that Anne had two children in the physical world and spoke about them for a little, however as the reading progressed, I soon realised that beside me, stood Anne’s ‘other’ daughter who is now living in the spirit world.  The young woman in spirit told me that Anne was her mother and that she passed at the very young age of 2 from complications to her lungs.  Anne was able to confirm and advised her name was Janey.

Anne soon asked me the question, “Do our children grow up in spirit, or do they stay the same age as they were when they pass?”.

In the past, children have shown themselves to me at two different ages or stages rather…the age at the time of their passing and then again the age they would be if they continued to live in the physical world. On this occasion however, Janey showed me that she was very much all grown up and very aware of what has been happening since her departure from the physical world.

33 years had past since Janey’s physical death, but she was able to show me a list of events that took place since she died so that Anne knew she had been around her.  Anne was able to confirm all of this information until Janey had asked me to thank her mother for the cuddles last Tuesday night.

As I relayed the message to Anne she had no idea what I was talking about, so I turned to Janey in spirit and asked her to clarify further.  Janey then showed me that although it had been 3 decades since her passing, her mother had kept her christening gown in a box under the bed in the spare room.  She went on to show me that the previous Tuesday night after her husband had gone to bed Anne had taken it out of the box, wrapped it up into her arms and cuddled into the gown as if to cuddle her daughter.  “Tell mum that I felt her cuddles” she repeated to me.  I past on the information to Anne as confirmation that her daughter was still around her.  Anne had confirmed to me that she did do that the previous Tuesday and it now made perfect sense to her.

Janey then went on to show me that her mother often wondered what her personality would have been like if she was still alive.  I turned to Anne and said, “your daughter would like me to tell you that she has a very bubbly personality” (it was so much so, that I was able to feel it as I connected with her).  “She also says that if she was alive you would have taken her to ballroom dancing classes as you danced when you were a little girl”.  Anne was indeed a ballroom dancer and laughed as she could not convince her living daughter (in the physical world) to go to classes when she was younger.

The reading was drawing to an end when Janey said for me to tell her mum that she enjoys sitting on the couch late at night beside her whilst she watches crime shows in the dark.  She then went on to tell me that her favourite show to watch with her mum is CSI.  Anne laughed out loud and again was able to confirm that she does stay up at night watching crime shows and CSI was also her favourite as  well.

It is from this experience, plus many, many more that I am convinced that not only do our children who pass too young, not only grow up in the Spirit world, they continue see what we do and share in our experiences as we journey through life, ourselves.