My Two Wives

I have started to notice, there seems to be an increase in men wanting to have readings lately.   Ranging from businessmen to tradies, young and old,  men from all walks of life have been coming for sessions with me.

I was doing readings in Brisbane last month and whilst there, a 65 year old gentlemen came to have a session.  As I walked out to the reception area to greet him, I quickly realised that his wife’s energy was right beside him.

Ian…I have a lady standing beside you claiming to be your wife…she is telling me she had breast cancer” I said.  Ian looked up at me and said “I was hoping she was going to come through, it’s been a long time since I have seen her” he said with a smile.  Ian went on to advise that his wife Claire, passed away 17 years earlier.

As we started the reading, Claire (Ian’s wife of 18 years) began to talk about their three girls and showed me that she had just seen one of them getting married recently, along with a small photo of herself stitched into the bodice of her wedding gown.  Ian smiled and advised that their second daughter Cynthia, married only two months earlier and had a photo of her late mother stitched into her wedding dress for her special day.

During the reading, Claire spoke about how Ian cooked, cleaned and tended to their three young children all whilst she became weak with her health and declined within the four walls of her own home.   She told me what a brave man he had been and that she was so thankful to him for everything that he had done for herself, and their children.  Ian wiped away some tears as he quietly sat in reflection of their past together.

As Claire’s energy began to step back, I started to notice another woman coming toward me.  This lady who also came with a cancer feeling, however this time she made me feel pain in lower stomach area.  It was at this point that I asked Ian if he knew of a second woman that had passed from bowel cancer?  Ian nodded his head quietly and again started to smile.  “This would be your second wife”, I said to him.  Ian broadened his smile again and said “I knew she wouldn’t be able to stay back for too long”.

Ian’s second wife Lisa showed me that she had passed around 5 years ago and detailed how he also cared for her during her battle with cancer.  It was at this point that Claire, Ian’s first wife, stepped back in.  Together, the two women showed me their wedding photo’s sitting either side of the television.

I told Ian of the wedding photo’s to which he laughed out loud confirming that he does indeed have his wedding photo with Claire on the left, and his wedding photo with Lisa sitting on their side of the television in his living room.  Both women were happy with this as they stood united in spirit seeing this.  Lisa again stepped forward and started to tell me about her first husband.

“Ian, Lisa has mentioned that she was also married once before you and that her first husband mistreated her”.  Ian agreed and advised that Lisa’s first husband was an alcoholic and could become quite violent.  “She wants me to thank you for always making her feel safe” I said.  Ian smiled broadly and advised that she said those very words to him just before her passing.

“She is also showing me that you must have been laying in bed beside her, holding her hand when she passed”, I advised.  “Yes.  Lisa wanted to die at home, so I kept her there right up to the end.  During the last few hours, I was lying in the bed beside her holding her hand as she crossed over” he said.

By the time the reading finished, both ladies were able to relay stories of all the love and help that Ian was able to give them during their most challenging days.

It is experiences like these, that confirms to me that there are indeed, some special and unique people like Ian in our world.

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