Friends Forever

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over the years I have learnt how to ignore or ‘tune out’ to the spirit world in my everyday life, and why wouldn’t I, could you imagine what it would be like to have ‘other’ voices in your head 24/7?  It would usually take a very “loud” spirit to grab my attention when I’m not working, and this was exactly the case whilst I was in Brisbane this week.  

A former work colleague of mine, James called to see how my readings were going and if I had adjusted to South East Queensland’s cooler weather…it’s always so hot in Townsville.  After a few minutes of your regular chit-chat and talk about work etc, James sent me a photo of his new office that he had been setting up earlier that day.  

I quickly glanced at the photo of his all-white (clinical) work space and then went on to think about what I was going to eat for dinner whilst we casually chatted.  It was at this time that I started become distracted and noticed a woman sitting in a wheel chair being shown clairvoyantly to me.  She had long dark hair, striking brown eyes and a very, very ‘strong’ personality.  She was funny, yet I got the distinct impression that she wasn’t somebody you would want to mess with either.

I interrupted James conversation and said “James, would you happen to know a woman in spirit that would have needed the use of a wheel chair”?  James sounding confused replied “what do you mean”?  There is a woman in spirit in front of me, she is showing me that she needed a wheel chair at the end of her physical life, not because she didn’t have the use of her legs, it’s because she was too weak to walk” I responded.  

Still sounding confused, the only answer James could muster

was “What”?  “She is showing me that she had cancer twice.  She was being treated, it went a way and then came back before it encompassed her body and took over her lungs making it hard to breath.  She needed the use of the wheel chair because she was too weak to walk” I said down the phone.

“That’s Rosalind” James advised very matter of fact with a twinge of surprise in his voice.  “What is she doing there”?  He asked.  “Why are any of them here and why is she here when I am about to eat dinner more to the point” I said jokingly.  “She’s telling me that you were feeling down last week and that she wants to cheer you up”.  

In a very coy tone, James confirmed that he had been feeling a bit depressed lately and that she always cheered him up when he was feeling low.  

“She’s talking about how annoyed she is with your mother and that you have just disconnected from her once and for all” I advised.  “Last week, I told mum that I love her but I can’t accept her crazy behaviour anymore so I told her that we were going to have no further contact”.  James said quietly.  “James, she has told me she wants to take you…shopping?”  I said, a little confused at the gesture.  

“Did Rosalind just say that to you?  James replied quickly.  “Ahh, yeah, weird thing to say but yes”.  With that James roared with laughter and said “so when she was alive I had a big argument with my mother and I told Rosalind about it.  She was so angry that my mother spoke to me that way so she said that shopping always made her feel better, and then she took me shopping.  I didn’t have a lot of money at that time and so she basically paid for me to have a whole new wardrobe that day.  Shopping was her thing”.  James advised.  

Rosalind then went on to recall a story about another occasion when James and his mum where having issues.  “There must have been a time when Rosalind was so frustrated with your mother’s behaviour that she actually went to your house and had her own argument with your mother”.  James laughed and confirmed that there was one occasion when Rosalind had heard enough about his mothers “Mommy Dearest moments” that she went directly to the house and had it out with his mother, herself!

“There’s one last thing James, she wants me to tell you that she knows that you were thinking about her whilst putting your office together today, and she loves being in there” I said.  

“Yes, I was thinking about her today, I put 4 photo’s on the shelf that is mounted to the wall.  I placed a photo of Rosalind in the frame on the right, it overlooks my desk.  If you zoom in on the photo’s you will see the head shot of a woman laughing…that’s Rosalind” James said a little shocked.  

From that we laughed as I listened to James recounting the fun memories he had with his dear friend Rosalind.

I love it when spirit always seem to know when to pop in to let us know that they are still around us when we need them, even if it was dinner time.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]