Duo Magazine – May 2017

The bond between mother and child is known to be one of the strongest we can experience.

When I was a kid, my mother suffered illness from the time I was born. She had kidney failure and fought a long and arduous battle until she passed away when I was twenty-two. There were times during her illness, that she used to say; “It doesn’t matter how sick I am, as long as I die before any of you kids, because that would be the worst thing a mother would ever suffer.”

She passed away at 56, and for her, this fear was thankfully never realised.

A few years ago, I was doing a Mediumship reading for a woman named Carol who had recently lost her son.

Patrick was born with Down Syndrome and had passed away three years earlier. Although that was not the cause of his physical death, he was able to make his presence known to me as soon as his mum sat down with me for her reading.

Very quickly he started to show me all about himself, including the things he liked to do and what his personality was like – which I might add was a very upbeat one!

Carol was able to confirm the evidence that was being given to me by her son and she wanted to tell him how much she missed him.

During the reading Patrick was able to relay stories to me of the various things he remembered his mum doing for him, including some of the funny things she used to say which they would often laugh about together.

It was nearing the end of the reading when Patrick asked me to tell his mother that it was important she knew how proud he was of her.

This is not an uncommon request, as our loved ones in spirit will often say things like this, however on this particular occasion, I asked him, why?

Patrick showed me that after he passed away, his mother had left her husband (who wasn’t Patrick’s father) and that she was living alone for the first time in her life.

He then asked me to tell her that although he was in the spirit world, he still “sleeps in front of her bedroom doorway watching out for her every night.”

I passed on the information of what Patrick had said. With this information, Carol became quite emotional. She explained to me that when she was married, her now ex-husband was quite volatile and although they slept in separate rooms at the time, Patrick would often sleep in her bedroom doorway at night in order to protect her from her husband. She went on to advise that after Patrick had passed away she was able to get the courage to leave him, however she still gets scared sometimes sleeping in her new home at night.

One week later, Carol contacted me to advise that although she still misses her son, she doesn’t feel scared anymore, knowing that her son continues to watch over and protect her.

It is from these experiences, along with a host of many others, I know our loved ones in spirit are always looking out for us.

So, from me, to all mothers, living in the physical and in spirit world, Happy Mother’s Day.


Originally Published in Duo Magazine: http://duomagazine.com.au/community/the-love-of-a-son/

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