Duo Magazine – March 2017

So all is well and you are living a fairly routine life until you notice your two-year old child laughing and talking to the open air. There is nothing there, well not from what you can see, but your son or daughter is chatting up a storm to the empty space beside them.

Pretty soon, you’re hearing about “imaginary friends” visiting along with a host other relatives ranging from grandparents to cousins that have passed over many years ago, maybe even before your child was born. Don’t panic and rush out to get a crucifix and some garlic, just relax and breathe.

This can be such a complicated time for parents to understand, more so for them than their child, as many adults have already closed down their ‘sixth sense’. For your child, it is usually not so hard in the early years because they have not long come from the spirit world in the first place.

This is quite natural for them as they haven’t let go of their ‘sixth sense’ yet, however as parents, trying to work out what they are experiencing and then integrating them into everyday life can sometimes be a very challenging experience.

Psychic children can be affected by the energy of other people. This is because many of them are psychically sensitive, which means that they can feel the emotions of others. For example, if someone is upset, sad, or angry, your children can feel it. And because they have not yet learned to develop and work with their gifts, this can make your child feel overwhelmed, nervous or even uncomfortable.

You may find that when school starts, your child can become extra-sensitive or even distracted making it hard for them to study. Their feelings may be easily hurt and may start to experience some issues at school. This could be because they are struggling with the energy of the other children around them, or they could also be sensing the spirits around the other kids as well.

If they are in an environment where they are interacting with cranky or angry kids, you may find that your child will start to take on the energy of those kids around them and pretty soon, be cranky themselves, even without knowing why.

Imagine being that sensitive and having to spend time in a room with 20 plus kids and noise all day long. This can cause intuitive children to be anxious and flat out refuse to go to school. Likewise, if your kids are in a peaceful environment and surrounded by happy and easy going people, you may find that your child will feel content and happy most of the time.

And don’t think you can fool a psychic kid! Psychic kids get a sense of who people truly are and can see beyond what’s on the surface. They know when someone is lying to them or not being sincere.

If your child tells you they don’t like someone, trust their instincts, they are often more accurate than your own. It’s the same with situations. You may tell them that everything is fine, but if that’s not true, a gifted kid will know it and will potentially challenge you that all is not well. Remember, what you suppress they will express.

If you think your child is Psychic or Intuitive, then it will be important to give them space to be creative and explore. Relaxing music, meditation for kids, grounding them in nature and writing or colouring can help them feel more calm and grounded. Physical activity can support your child to feel centred by relieving them of excess energy. Overall, the best thing to do to make your child feel comfortable is to encourage them to speak about what they are hearing, seeing and feeling, as it will make them feel normal within their own family environment.


Originally Published in Duo: http://duomagazine.com.au/community/is-your-child-showing-signs-they-are-psychic/

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