Duo Magazine – June 2017


When spirit wants you to do something, they usually have a way of getting your attention.

Having someone close to you pass away is never an easy process. There can be so many emotions ranging from sadness, confusion, and in some cases relief. But what about when your loved one has died from unnatural causes, extending to car accidents, suicide or even murder? Not to mention, if you don’t even know if they are dead or alive.

Many years ago, I was on a Virgin flight travelling to Sydney for a conference. As the plane took off an adolescent girl made her presence known to me from spirit. The feisty teenager made me aware that she was the younger sister of the woman sitting beside me, had been missing for more than 30 years and that her older sister, was still unsure as to whether she was dead or alive after all this time.

Over the next hour, she was able to show me very detailed images of where she passed within the Newcastle area, and how it all happened. She then showed me in great detail the man who claimed her life and that it was in fact, her boyfriend. This was very disturbing to me, as I had not been shown such an experience as brutal in nature like this before, and was the first time that I was exposed to something like this.

Before her energy started to fade, she told me there was no need to tell her sister, as she did not believe in psychic phenomena and that it would be a waste of time. In that moment, I couldn’t understand why she would bother sharing all of that information with me, if I wasn’t to pass it on, but what was I going to say… “G’day, my name is Marco, I talk to dead people and I have some chick here that claims to be your sister!” Instead, I chatted casually to the woman and began to ask about her family situation. She was able to confirm that her younger sister had been missing for past 30 years and her family did not know whether she was alive or not. I decided not to tell her of my visitor and went on to do my trip in Sydney.

After returning two days later, I was getting ready to go to bed when the young girl from spirit made herself known to me again. She was insistent on getting me to contact the Newcastle Police Department with the information that she had shown me, but I was not prepared to do that, and resisted. Over the next few days she continued to push me, but I refused, however when you resist the spirit world, they have a funny way of making things happen for you.

The following afternoon, a good friend of mine, now living in Sydney called and I told him about what had happened. It was at this point that he advised me his best friend was a Police Detective with the Newcastle Police Department (what are the chances of that) and that I should e-mail all the information to him to be passed on. Knowing that this was not a regular practice with the Police Service, I reluctantly sent the e-mail. After viewing the information, the police were able to compare the details provided, along with the evidence they had received more than 30 years ago, and discovered that it fitted the missing pieces of this cold cases’ puzzle. From this, an inquiry was launched and as they say, the rest is history.

It is from this experience, along with many more, that I have learnt to never underestimate the power, or the persistence of the spirit world. When they want your attention, they have a tendency to keep knocking on your door until they get it.


Originally Published in Duo: http://duomagazine.com.au/community/piecing-puzzle-crime/

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