Duo Magazine – July 2017


It seems to be coming more apparent that the pressures of life are getting harder for our young generation.

I’ve noticed it within my readings, as the number of young men and women who are taking their own lives seems to have increased at an alarming rate.

Adolescent and young adults appear to be under more pressure at an earlier age and suicide, unfortunately seems to be a more common option for them. From my experience as a Medium, there are numerous reasons why young people end their physical life ranging from bullying, depression, drug-related problems along with relationship issues… just to name a few.

Earlier this year, a woman in her mid-fifties came to see me for a consultation. Her name was Alice and she asked specifically for a Mediumship Reading.

It wasn’t long before a young woman presented herself from spirit, urging me to get a message to her mum. She showed me that when she was still alive, she had a vibrant personality, enjoyed a full life and had much success in her sporting career with hockey. Alice was able to confirm that her daughter Anna, had passed away, lived life to the fullest and was indeed a great hockey player.

Anna showed me the pressures she had put on herself with regards to her family, friendships, sporting career and general expectations of herself. She started to explain that during the last two years of her life she was suffering with depression. Following an argument with a friend, life seemed to become all too much for her, and it was at this point that Anna made the fateful decision to end her own life by taking an overdose whilst her mother was fast asleep. Alice again confirmed that her daughter did pass from an overdose, and sadly found Anna’s body the following morning.

Alice was distraught over her daughter’s actions and although it had been several years since Anna had passed, her pain was still raw as if it had only happened just yesterday. As the reading progressed, Anna showed me some of her favourite memories that she and her mother once shared, including a family holiday to New Zealand. Anna then insisted that I thank her mum for putting together the ‘shrine room’ that Alice created to honour her daughters memory.

She showed me that her former bedroom was now decked out with a large portrait-syle photo of herself playing hockey, trophies and medals from her sporting achievements strategically placed around the room, and her name in block letters were fitted to the wall.

Alice, was pleasantly surprised that Anna already knew about the room… however in my experience, spirit doesn’t miss too much. Before the reading drew to a close, Anna asked one last thing of me, to tell her mother she also knows that she has kept a lock of her hair. Alice again confirmed that after her daughter died, she requested a lock of her hair to be saved, and now carries it in her handbag wherever she goes.

Reuniting people with their loved ones is a very rewarding experience for me. However the loss of a child is one of the most traumatic experiences a parent will ever endure, particularly when their child has taken their own life. As a community, it is important we continue to shine the light on this illness so that hopefully one day, suicide in youth will cease to exist.

If you, or you know of someone needing to seek help, support is available by contacting www.beyondblue.org.au or www.headspace.org.au


Originally Published in Duo: http://duomagazine.com.au/community/keeping-daughters-memory-alive/

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