Dad’s on Holidays

Every so often, people will ask me if their family members are around them during different events and times in their life.  This was the case again recently when a woman named Sharon came for a reading.  Most people’s readings are different and in Sharon’s case, she wanted to know mostly about what was coming up in her future around work.  As we were half way through the reading I began to notice her father was coming forward from the spirit world.

Sharon’s father Doug, showed me that he passed from a stroke and that he lived with her right up until he died.  Sharon was able to confirm this as her father continued talk about his daughter and the great relationship they had.  As Sharon’s reading was coming to a close, Doug told me to tell  Sharon that he was with ‘with her’ when she was on holidays earlier in the year.  I passed on the message and Sharon advised that she went to Italy a few months prior to her reading.

Doug explained to me that Sharon traveled to Rome by herself and then went on a tour with other people after arriving.  He wanted me to let Sharon know that he saw her visit the Trevi Fountain and asked me to tell her that he saw her stand back from the group with her arms folded (because it was cool that day) and said in her head that she wished her father could see this.  Doug kept saying to me “tell her I saw it, tell her I saw it”.  Sharon looked at me with a smile and said “Yes, I did that”.  “It was cool that day and I did think in my head I wish Dad was here to see this”.   Doug further asked me to ‘thank her for taking part of him with her’ and showed me a hat and a city that resembled the city of Venice.  As I passed on the information to Sharon she began to laugh and said, “Yes, I took his hat with me and wore it on the Gondola ride” in Venice.

Sharon then asked me “Was my dad with me the whole time I was on holidays”?  I asked the question of Doug to which he began to show me the following things:

  • Sharon being delayed whilst after visiting Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii because the bus was late to come and pick her up at the end of the tour.
  • His daughter swimming in the waters of a fishing village with other people.
  • Spilling her coffee on a travel companion whilst stepping down a step.
  • Seeing her smoke a cigar for the first time at an outdoor restaurant.
  • Kissing a rock for good luck.
  • Buying some ‘blown glass’ from Venice, and getting so lost one night that she couldn’t remember where, or even the name of her hotel.

“That’s nearly my entire trip” Sharon said laughing out loud.

It is always readings like these that show me that not only do our loved ones continue to ‘live on’ in spirit, but that they also continue to journey with us, no matter where in the world we are.